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Document Number:0711063
Date:11 November 1891
For Sale:42.00
Good consistent with age
Parchment : 1 sheet 56cm x 73cm with 3 wax seals, 3 signatures and revenue stamp
Summary of contents:
William PERRETT of Chillington, Parish of Stokenham, Devon. (Cordwainer)
John Elliott PEPPERALL of Slapton, Devon. (Cordwainer)
Charles Morecombe Collings STURE of East Allington, Devon. (Baker)
Thomas PERRETT (deceased) of Chillington, Stokenham, Devon. (Shoemaker)

The document begins by reciting that Thomas Perrett died in 1888 having appointed his son William Perrett as sole executor.

Now William Perrett is selling property in Stokenham, bequeathed to him by his father, to Charles Sture for 400. Of this sum, 260 is paid direct to John Pepperall who holds a mortgage on it for this amount, and the balance of 140 goes to William Perrett.

The property consists of 5 cottages in the village of Chillington, laying on the North Side of the main road through the village from Kingsbridge to Toreross, together with a garden and orchard behind the cottages. These cottages were held by Thomas Perrett for a term of 2000 years created in 1835.
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