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Document Number:0505111
Date:09 January 1869
For Sale:58.00
Good, except for some pencilled annotations added by a solicitor at some later date.
Parchment : 1 sheet 56cm x 70cm with 4 wax seals and revenue stamps. A second Indenture of Surrender of 1879 has been written on the back.
Summary of contents:
PARTIES (To the main Indenture)
Alfred BEECHEY of 385 New Cross Road, Deptford, Kent. Gun Merchant.
Francis Wentworth Smythe WINDHAM of 5 Stanhope Place, Hyde Park. Civil Engineer.

(Additional parties to the 1879 Indenture)
John HAWKE of 216 Lewisham High Road, Kent. Gentleman.
George Smythe WINDHAM of Bedford, Bedfordshire, Esquire (late Major, British Army)

In the main indenture Alfred Beechey is assigning the residue of a 21 year lease on property at 385 New Cross Road, Deptford, Kent, to Francis Smythe Windham for 122.

In the second Indenture of 1879 we are told that Francis Smythe Windham was really acting as a trustee for his brother Stuart Smythe Windham, a lieutenant in HM 3rd Rifle Brigade. Stuart Smythe Windham died in 1872 leaving his property to 4 brothers and a sister. Somehow his will was disputed in court, but by 1879 George Smythe Windham is the sole surviving executor. He is surrendering the residue of the lease to the reversionary owners for 80 - ie. to John Hawke and Ann his wife.

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