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Document Number:0501133
Title:Copy of Conveyance
Date:21 January 1789
For Sale:60.00
Fair. This has a small tear approx. 2cm long where the folds meet in the middle of each page. Otherwise in remarkably good condition for its age.
Paper : 5 sheets 39cm x 32cm. This is a copy of a conveyance (of which the original was dated 30/9/1748). It was certified as a true copy of the original on 21/1/1789.
Summary of contents:
Katherine Ludlam of Leicester, Leicestershire, Widow
Isabella Ludlam of Leicester, Leicestershire, Spinster
John Ludlam of Hockliffe, Bedfordshire, Gentleman

We are told that Katherine Ludlam is the widow of Thomas Ludlam, late one of the aldermen of Leicester. She is selling property in Leicester close to the Saturday Market in the parish of St Martin to Isabella Ludlam for 205. It seems that Thomas Ludlam mortgaged this property to John Ludlam in 1742 for 200. In the present contract 204 goes to John Ludlam to pay off the mortgage and 1 goes to Katherine Ludlam. (After this there are 4 pages of 'small print' to the contract which seem more than usually obscure.)

(NB. There is mention of a lease for a year dated one day before the date of this indenture, which suggests that this is really a contract of Lease and Release.)
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