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Document Number:0412112
Date:09 June 1794
For Sale:80.00
Good. Clear to read. Some of the folds in the parchment are quite stiff.
Parchment : 83cm x 60cm 2 sheets, 3 wax seals, 2 signatures and Revenue Stamp.
Summary of contents:
Richard HARPER of Twyford, Buckinghamshire. Dairyman.
Thomas HOPCRAFT of Astwick in he parish of Evenly, Northamptonshire. Farmer.
Richard HEYDON of Banbury, Oxfordshire. Banker.

We are told that Thomas Hopcraft has a 500 year lease on property in Evenly, Northamptonshire, and that in 1780 he borrowed 144 from Richard Harper on security of this lease. The money has now been paid and the residue of the lease is being re-alligned to Thomas Hopcraft. Richard Heydon appears to be acting only as a Trustee and plays little real part.

There is a long recital of how the property came into the hands of Thomas Hopcraft, which appears to have been as a result of an Inclosure Act of 1779.
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